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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Houston SEO

If you can show me a Houston business owner that’s interested in hiring a professional SEO then it means that both of the following are true; They understand the importance of search engine visibility and They’re interested in growing their business, brand, or reach. There are numerous benefits to having a competent Houston SEO on your staff or as a dedicated contractor. Some of the benefits include maintaining your company’s […]

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The Houston Criminal Lawyer: Jack B. Carroll Vs. Wrongful convictions

When your freedom is on the line a are facing prosecution for a felony in Harris County, you’ll need the best Houston criminal lawyer you can find on your case. Have you ever noticed the high number of exonerations of convicted individuals that occur in the state of Texas? I’m sure you do. In fact, the Innocence Project has a branch in Texas specifically tasked with dealing with all the […]

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Counter Intelligence & Security Solutions Worldwide

Terrorism Recently Europe has been awash is bloodshed. From Manchester to London Bridge, from French promenades to German markets, terrorism is on the loose. Counter Intelligence services have their hands full trying as hard as they can to prevent attacks. As hard as they try though, they can not prevent them all. Their failures are also glaringly obvious. One of the terrorists in the London bridge attack had been flagged […]

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Beyonce & Jay-Z Award Scholarship to Texas Teen

It was such a breath of fresh air to finally see bigtime artist thinking of other people for a change. Superstars Beyonce & Jay-Z gave a 100 thousand dollars to some Galveston girl for her educational expenses. Good for her! To read more, see below. HOUSTON – Houston’s own Beyonce gave back in a big way during Sunday night’s On The Run II concert at NRG Stadium. Galveston teenager, Alezae U., got […]

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Houston Machine Shops and Their Value to Society

Machining services have helped Houston area businesses to become more technologically advanced. Different kind of tools are used to create different machines. Today, we have fabrication shops in Houston, TX which give shape and structure to different kinds of parts which are components of different kinds of machines. These fabrication shops not only serve small and medium scale enterprises but also provide service to the multinational companies. Some Houston machine […]

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Do You Need To Hire a Security Guard?

Security is an important job sector with applications in a variety of settings. Shopping malls, music venues, and hotel casinos serve very different purposes but they all employ security guards. Security personnel are vital to maintaining order, as well as providing a sense of comfort and peace of mind to others in the area. Large areas like parking lots and garages feel much safer when a security guard is patrolling […]

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