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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Houston SEO

If you can show me a Houston business owner that’s interested in hiring a professional SEO then it means that both of the following are true; They understand the importance of search engine visibility and They’re interested in growing their business, brand, or reach. There are numerous benefits to having a competent Houston SEO on your staff or as a dedicated contractor. Some of the benefits include maintaining your company’s […]

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Beyonce & Jay-Z Award Scholarship to Texas Teen

It was such a breath of fresh air to finally see bigtime artist thinking of other people for a change. Superstars Beyonce & Jay-Z gave a 100 thousand dollars to some Galveston girl for her educational expenses. Good for her! To read more, see below. HOUSTON – Houston’s own Beyonce gave back in a big way during Sunday night’s On The Run II concert at NRG Stadium. Galveston teenager, Alezae U., got […]

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