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Do You Need To Hire a Security Guard?

Security is an important job sector with applications in a variety of settings. Shopping malls, music venues, and hotel casinos serve very different purposes but they all employ security guards. Security personnel are vital to maintaining order, as well as providing a sense of comfort and peace of mind to others in the area. Large areas like parking lots and garages feel much safer when a security guard is patrolling […]

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Considerations For Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Most people consider marriage to be one of the most important parts of a fulfilling life, and for many it is. However, sometimes things just don’t work out the way that one envisions them to. People change, accidents happen, and lives change, sometimes the events a couple experiences and the way a person changes throughout their lifetime causes a once happy couple to decide to divorce. During this trying time […]

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DWI Offender Charged with Felony Murder

Houston, Texas News-REPEAT DWI OFFENDER CHARGED WITH MURDER HELD ON $100K BOND 18-year-old Zulema Gonzalez has died as a result of of a DWI accident on the the Eastex Freeway caused by 31-year-old Ryan McLaughlin. The judge accepted the charge from the Harris County prosecutor after being informed about two prior DWI convictions of Ryan McLaughlin. McLaughlin was charged with felony murder. The DA’s office of Montgomery County stated they […]

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Bacon Leads to Hate Crime Investigation

Out in Galveston, our neighbor to the south, weaponized bacon has led to some calls from Muslims, who happen to not be terrorists as far as we know, to call for a hate crime investigation. Depending on who does the investigation there’s no telling if we will ever figure out why Islamic people hate bacon. The local branch of an Islamic organization called Sunday for a hate crime investigation after […]

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Private Investigators & Surveillance

Many years ago, pulp magazines often advertised, alongside Charles Atlas body-building ads, mail-order courses that promised to teach people how to become a private eye. While some of the course material wasn’t bad, considering its time period, one of the most amusing aspects came from one instruction book: When doing surveillance, the investigator should wear a black suit and hat so he would not attract attention. Today, this sort of […]

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