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Beyonce & Jay-Z Award Scholarship to Texas Teen

It was such a breath of fresh air to finally see bigtime artist thinking of other people for a change. Superstars Beyonce & Jay-Z gave a 100 thousand dollars to some Galveston girl for her educational expenses. Good for her! To read more, see below. HOUSTON – Houston’s own Beyonce¬†gave back in a big way during Sunday night’s On The Run II concert at NRG Stadium. Galveston teenager, Alezae U.,¬†got […]

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Bacon Leads to Hate Crime Investigation

Out in Galveston, our neighbor to the south, weaponized bacon has led to some calls from Muslims, who happen to not be terrorists as far as we know, to call for a hate crime investigation. Depending on who does the investigation there’s no telling if we will ever figure out why Islamic people hate bacon. The local branch of an Islamic organization called Sunday for a hate crime investigation after […]

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