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The Houston Criminal Lawyer: Jack B. Carroll Vs. Wrongful convictions

When your freedom is on the line a are facing prosecution for a felony in Harris County, you’ll need the best Houston criminal lawyer you can find on your case. Have you ever noticed the high number of exonerations of convicted individuals that occur in the state of Texas? I’m sure you do. In fact, the Innocence Project has a branch in Texas specifically tasked with dealing with all the […]

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Do You Need To Hire a Security Guard?

Security is an important job sector with applications in a variety of settings. Shopping malls, music venues, and hotel casinos serve very different purposes but they all employ security guards. Security personnel are vital to maintaining order, as well as providing a sense of comfort and peace of mind to others in the area. Large areas like parking lots and garages feel much safer when a security guard is patrolling […]

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